Demands for Dalgety Bay Cleanup following SEPA report

A report by environmental watchdog SEPA has asserted that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is solely responsible for the pollution at Dalgety Bay.

The MoD reaction since the revelations about the radioactive contamination has failed to satisfy local community activists, residents and politicians alike. It is understood that there are to be meetings between SEPA and the MoD to look at how best to proceed with clean up operations.

SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing said:

“There can be no more excuses from the MoD – we need it to fund and carry out an immediate clean-up at Dalgety Bay.”

Local MP Gordon Brown agreed, saying:

“Having been named as the polluter, the Ministry of Defence must now agree to fund the clean-up of the area to remove the contaminated substances from the Dalgety Bay beach, and the work must start immediately.”

What are your thoughts on the contamination at Dalgety Bay? Should action have been taken before now?