Letters – 16 November 2013

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Dear Sir

Isn’t it great news for Scotland! Announced in a newspaper famously associated with Oor Wullie and the Broons on Sunday. According to papers released under freedom of information. The MOD forced BP to shelve plans to drill for oil in the Firth of Clyde in the 1980’s due to fears of it interfering with the Nuclear Submarines.

It is believed there is a very exploitable source of the black gold there which is underscored by the imminent drilling in the Northern Ireland sector too. It’s a great pity the economic disaster that was being foisted on us then, didn’t have that lifebelt.

I say good news because since this happened in the 80’s, the American submarines have already left and after Independence British Submarines will be leaving too. This will leave the oil for the benefit of the West of Scotland and the rest of us too. Looks like there’s plenty of Scotland’s Oil left to set our bold reconstituted nation, into a new world of prosperity.

This is instead of what has happened for the past 40 years, it disappearing into a large Westminster hole.

BJW Macfarlane, Dunfermline