Debate Over Future of Council Care Homes

The debate about the future of Fife’s care homes has flared up once again. Fife Council’s Executive Committee have agreed to have proposals for the replacement of homes in Glenrothes, Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly brought forward by October of this year.

There has been acrimony over this issue between the different political groupings for some time with the previous SNP-Lib Dem administration accusing Labour of scaremongering on the issue whilst in opposition.

The majority of care home places in Fife are with private companies and the standards of care are similar to those of Fife Council-run homes. Fife Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Brett noted that it costs £850 per week in a council care home in comparison to £500 per week in the private sector.

What are your views on the care homes issue? Do you think the public vs private argument is important or do you think the quality of care is the main issue?