MSP Attacks “Remarkable short-sightedness” Regarding Coastugards

Roderick Campbell, Member of the Scottish Parliament for North-East Fife has attacked the “remarkable short-sightedness” of the UK Government regarding the provision of Coastguard services.

Figures have been published by the PCS union that suggest some Coastugard stations are undermanned by up to a third.

Mr Campbell said: “The decision by the UK Government last year to close the Fife Ness coastguard station was bad enough, but their lackadaisical approach to ensuring the remaining stations are fully staffed is putting the lives of sea users at great risk.

“The remarkable short-sightedness the Lib Dem/Tory Government is showing, in seeking budget savings at any cost, has now become dangerous. They must ensure that emergency services, such as the coastguard, are sufficiently staffed. “