Card Skimming Device Removed from Dunfermline ATM

Police in West Fife are urging the public to remain vigilant after a card skimming device was recovered from a cash machine in Dunfermline. Local officers received a report of suspicious equipment attached to an ATM in Aberdour Road, Dunfermline on Saturday 6th September. As a result police seized the device and enquiries are ongoing to trace those responsible for installing it.

It is unknown if anyone has been affected at this time and members of the public who have used the cash point in the past few days is asked to check their bank account and report any irregularities. In addition, police are urging people to look out for suspicious devices or activity around ATM machines and report any concerns immediately.

Chief Inspector Annandale said: “Our investigation into this is on-going, we would like to thank the local community for being vigilant.

“The public are urged to be on their guard for unusual looking equipment attached to cash machines, or anyone acting suspiciously in the nearby area. If you have concerns about a cash machine, do not use it and contact police immediately.”