NHS Fife’s Top Tips for Enjoying Summer

NHS Fife Sun 1

NHS Fife have given us their top tips for how to have a safe summer and make the most of the lovely weather.

1. Spend some time in the shade – taking advantage of nearby trees, foliage or parasols can often be the best way to avoid harmful UV rays. Keeping covered up with clothing also helps to protect your skin.

2. Wear sunscreen – if you can’t avoid exposure to the sun, sunscreen is an essential way to protect against UV rays; NHS Fife would recommend using sunscreens with an SPF of at least 15-30.

3. Wear sunglasses and hats – hats are fantastic for providing protection around the face, head and eyes, whilst sunglasses are also a good way to protect eyes against potentially dangerous UV rays. NHS Fife would recommend glasses that state they offer 100% UV protection.

Commenting, Consultant Dermatologist at NHS Fife, Dr Susannah Fraser, said:

“It is vitally important that people across Fife take precautions when they are out enjoying the summer sunshine. The last thing that people want to hear about during summertime is skin cancer, however, with the increased strength of both UV rays from the sun and the fact that people tend to wear less clothing – often exposing their limbs – the truth is that people are more at risk of sun damage than they are during the rest of the year. “