Mobile MRI Scanner Boost for NHS Fife

NHS Fife will have the use of a mobile MRI scanner for 26 weeks, which should help to reduce waiting times for cancer diagnosis and treatment. This news was given to local elected representatives at an online meeting with the Health Board on Friday.

Annabelle Ewing, the MSP for Cowdenbeath constituency commented: “I asked for clarification regarding scans with the MRI turnaround for urgent and suspected cancers being 2 weeks so I was pleased to note that with Scottish Government support, both NHS Fife and NHS Tayside, will have access to a mobile MRI scanner for 26 weeks. This will doubtless be a real help in easing pressure on that service.”

Dr Christopher McKenna, NHS Fife’s medical director, added: “The current waiting time for routine MRI examination in Fife is between 17-20 weeks and we anticipate this will reduce further once our new mobile MRI unit is on site next month.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson confirmed that six mobile MRI scanners and three CT scanners will become operational in the coming months across Scotland in order to increase diagnostic capacity.